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We develop an Aged Care strategy and plan which relates specifically to your financial and aged care situation. We outline suggested ways to improve your outcomes by carefully considering the impacts and variables unique to your situation and the options available to manage these.

We can communicate with your chosen aged care facility on your behalf, including but not limited to, discussing room prices, negotiating with them and terms, and assisting with the Aged Care Contract Review process.

Maximising Government Pensions and Benefits

Financial Statement Plans (FSP) & Account by Administrators (ABA).

Minimizing your Care Fees.

“If you specialise in anything and do it all day, every day, you can’t help but become good at it”

Daniel Herft has worked as an Aged Care Specific Financial Adviser, for over 10 years, prior to becoming the Director and Senior Adviser at Care Shaped Financial Planning Pty Ltd.

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