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Having a loved one move into Aged Care can be a stressful time for the whole family. They deserve care and to be closest to those whom can visit the most. They deserve the room you think is best.

CareShaped can make almost any financial situation work for almost any room. You find the room. We explain how to manage the finances to afford it.

We listen and let you know swiftly and clearly what needs be done, when and why! Time and instant foresight is often of great importance with Aged Care Financial Planning.

We then await your input to tell us which part of what required tasks have surfaced from our initial meeting, that you want further assistance with.

And then do that for you. Whether it is just 1 item of what needs to be done, or all of them and a complete comprehensive service. You decide, we do!

We endeavour to take the stress out of a stressful situation with our specialised knowledge and we pride ourselves on response time.

Our vision is to give you vision! To navigate together expertly and with complete comprehension though the Aged Care labyrinth.

10 Years

Aged-Care Experience.

About Us

Instant Foresight Is Often Of Great Importance.

Compassionate Care.

We listen first, understand who you are and then work with you to achieve your goals.

Simple Solutions through to Comprehensive Strategies.

We develop an Aged Care strategy and plan which relates specifically to your financial and aged care situation. We outline suggested ways to improve your outcomes by carefully considering the impacts and variables unique to your situation and the options available to manage these.

Our Services

We develop an Aged Care strategy and plan which relates specifically to your financial and aged care situation.

We can communicate with your chosen aged care facility on your behalf, negotiating with them and terms, and assisting with the Aged Care Contract Review process.

Maximising Government Pensions and Benefits.

Financial Statement Plans (FSP) & Account by Administrators (ABA).

Minimizing your Care Fees.

First Appointment


 incl. GST

• Additional $85 travel fee if I come to you


Complete Care


incl. GST

Price subject to slight variances based on your situation.

• Additional $85 travel fee if I come to you

• Complete Care for couples entering permanent care (subject to slight variances based on situation) – $5,500



Let Our Clients Do The Talking

"I found Daniel very helpful and frank in his discussions with me. He was very empathetic. His financial information was accurate to within a few cents of his plan and even that small variation was explained. It was a very stressful time for me moving into age care and Daniel took the stress of dealing with Centrelink and my aged care provider off my shoulders. Thanks again Daniel."


"We got Daniel's contact details from a Social Worker at Cabrini, along with another financial adviser. From the first telephone call Daniel was brilliant, so knowledgeable in regard to aged care, where the information is a minefield. Daniel sorted everything out for us with speed and confidence, that has made our lives so much easier putting my mum into care. We did not have to worry about anything, he handled everything and kept us up to date at every step. I would highly recommend Daniel, he's a wonderful operator."


"Daniel was very helpful in providing a range of useful aged care-related financial advice. He communicated very clearly, and gave me the confidence to be able to appropriately handle a subsequent critical interaction with the aged care facility."


"After many years of illness I needed to place my husband in an aged care facility. The paperwork for this process was overwhelming, I was on my own and had no one to help. A friend recommended Daniel. After my first visit to Daniel I went to my car and cried! Daniel had taken such a load off me. He explained all my options and would liaise with the dreaded Centrelink. I had found Centrelink almost impossible to deal with so for Daniel to take this from me was such a relief. Daniel listened to all my concerns with great empathy and understanding. He wrote all my options on the board so I could clearly understand what he was explaining. He didn't mind how many times I interrupted him with questions. He knew so much about the aged care environment and nursing home applications, etc. Daniel's knowledge on aged care is amazing. Daniel is an exceptional, very caring young man. Apart from doing all the paperwork, etc. for me Daniel had contacted me several times to see how I am. He understood how difficult placing my husband in an aged care facility is. Not many people would do that. Thank you Daniel, you have excellent knowledge, a very personable, empathetic manner and made me feel at ease as soon as we met. I recommend Daniel to anyone seeking advice on aged care and financial investments, etc."


"Dear Daniel, I am writing to thank you for helping us to transition our 91 year old mother to a nursing home when we found ourselves unable to care for her further at home. The job of preparing the funding and paperwork was too difficult for us to accomplish well. We did not understand the appropriate legislation and accompanying documentation, not to mention the maze of bureaucracy set up to process a person for this dramatic (and distressing) change of life. Your detailed knowledge of the relevant legislation and the paperwork required allowed you to efficiently prepare the documentation in a short amount of time. Your background understanding of the system of funding coupled with your obvious financial skills saved us a lot of money and allowed us to use what money we had efficiently. Our mother’s future in her declining years is now secure and she is in the best hands we could find. Your sheer good will and quiet pride in doing an excellent job made you a wonderful person to work with. We cannot thank you enough for the help you have given us. Thank you Daniel from the bottom of our hearts. Chris Race, Dominic Race, Kate Race, Hugo Race, and myself, Tim Race, and we are Elaine Races’s children."


"Daniel helped me recently to move both my elderly parents into aged care. From the first meeting, Daniel gave us confidence, clarity and certainty about the way forward and helped us navigate Centrelink and My Aged Care. He also negotiated with the aged care facility on our behalf. His detailed knowledge of the relevant legislation, documentation, terminology and experience in dealing with Centrelink and aged care providers was an enormous help to us and allowed my parents to move into aged care much more quickly and efficiently than we could have managed on our own. Daniel's financial knowledge and skills in formulating a financial plan also allowed my parents to move into aged care with grace and dignity and gave them the confidence that they could afford what initially seemed out of reach. Daniel is one of the most empathetic, considerate and caring individuals that I have ever met. He always treated my parents with great respect, understanding and compassion. Nothing was too much trouble; he has consistently followed up well after they moved into aged care and his fees are very reasonable. this all made Daniel a very easy and enjoyable person to work with. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Daniel to anyone seeking or requiring advice on aged care matters."


Daniel Herft Authorised Representative No.1263541 of Lifespan Financial Planning AFSL No. 229892

Founder, Director & Senior Advisor.

"I don’t hold any cards close to my chest, from the first phone call"

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